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Thursday, June 14, 2012

A girl, her mom and a magazine

Last year, I entered a picture of Katie leaping at the Highland Games Photography contest here in San Antonio.  I was shocked that I won second place in the photography contest!  Wow!  The rules stated that the picture became their property, but that further acknowledgment would be given to the person who took the pictures. 

So, all this past year, my picture of Katie has been used in the Facebook page header of the Highland Games profile, as well as gracing the cover & a few other places in things for the Highland Games this year.

At the girls' monthly dance lesson, their dance teacher Miss Annette gave me some magazines, and on the cover was the picture I took of Katie leaping in the air.  If you open the magazine up, there was an article and a larger picture of Katie.

I was so excited that Katie made a magazine!  She was .... embarrassed.  Behind Katie you can see Madison as well!

It was until a few hours later that I realized... I'm a PUBLISHED photographer!  Wow!!  That is so.. cool!  HOWEVER!  In the magazine, it doesn't have my name.  It says "Courtesty Photo."  Booo!  :(  Oh well -- at least I can say "hey, my picture has been published in a magazine!"

Check it out!



1 comment:

  1. It just seems little illegal to just say "Photo Courtesy". Shouldn't they have at least Photo courtesy of Amy or Two Cute Blondies Photography? How did they get you picture? I do think it's really cool that you are published. That picture is AWESOME.


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