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Monday, June 11, 2012

One week down...11 more to go

This summer's edition of my blogging is going to be titled

"How I survived summer with a teenager and a tween."

As I post this, I am on week 2 of 12 weeks worth of summertime fun.  I would say this in a sarcastic way, but I love having the girls home during the summer.  However, I might be singing a different tune come a few weeks....

Some days were fun!  Some were not so fun!  Some I wanted to tear my hair out of my head!

Day 1 (school was let out on a Wednesday, so I am officially starting on the following Monday):  I went to workout like I always do at 8:00.  Then I had to run to the dentist after running home and showering.  No cavities!  Best news of the day!  Had to turn down a swimming party because of said dentist appointment.  Made the girls sit down and make goals for the summer.  This lasted 5 minutes.

Day 2:  Made the girls get up at 7:30 a.m. for a one hour walk.  Said girls were not happy about this.  One girl mentioned blisters as soon as we got on the trail.. the other girl took her shoes off.  She promptly put them back on after running into two bare chested boys from her school who were running.  Movies at a nearby movie theater is only $1 on Tuesday & Wednesday.. and our movie theater was playing Journey 2.  Helloooo Rock!  My girls were saying "Helloooo Josh Hutcherson!"  We met up w/ our friends and spent only $3 this day.  Win!!

Day 3:  Went to work out at 8:00 a.m. ....  Katie sat down and for one of her Personal Progress projects, she is creating an exercise plan, a menu for a month, a shopping list, and went shopping with me for the groceries.  That took... awhile.    Made the girls READ.  I don't know I have such a hard time getting them to read  == but Katie is reading Unearthly and I am making Maddie read either Princess Academy or the Goose Girl.  So far, Maddie is not happy about this. 

Day 4:  Let the girls sleep in until 8:00 before we left on our four mile walk.  The girls are supposed to have one hour of exercise in a day.  Katie comes out all glammed out in her bandana around her forehead, matching clothes and looking so stylish.  Both girls are now sporting new tennis shoes.  Maddie, however.... gets a blister while on the walk.  Original plans to make a craft with some friends was scratched, so we ..... lounged around the house, cleaning... and I can't remember what else we did.  Katie got ready for Youth Conference, and we picked up her BFF Madison that afternoon. 

Day 5:  Katie is gone to Youth Conference, so it's just Maddie & I.  She goes with me to my workout place -- bored.to.death.  I come to her and say "wow!  What a workout!  I'm sore!"  she said "yeah, that looked pretty easy to me..."  Hmmm....  We go home ... and get ready to go swimming!!!  Head to the pool with some friends and leave before the heat hits hard.   I had to laugh at my friend.  I asked her what she was planning with her girls this summer and she said "I'm just trying to prevent them from killing each other!"  I looked at her girls, and the little one smacked the older one across the head ... and I had to laugh.

That is the end of week 1 .... (forgot that we have weekends as well...) 

I have 11 more weeks to go.  Until school starts.  Today they are cleaning their drawers out.  I don't understand how their drawers are such a mess.  Is it too much to ask the underwear to stay in the underwear drawer, and the shirts stay in the shirt drawer??  So.. they are organizing today.  :)

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  1. Today was our last day of school. So my kids are all happy. But we will see how they are in a few weeks, after the get bored with me and being home....
    I love Goose Girl. : )


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