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Monday, June 4, 2012

Memorial Day at the cabin

We headed up to the cabin for Memorial Day weekend.. Mike had a four day weekend.

(like that watermelon shot?  I was sitting in a chair while everyone was four wheeling and noticing how beautiful the sun's rays were shining through the tree ... so I had to run and grab my camera.  This picture was the first one that I took .... I removed the fire clicker for the rest of the pictures, but I love the rays in this picture the best!)

We also invited another family to come up and enjoy the weekend with us -- so we had an additional 5 people at the cabin! 


I took more pictures of the cabin .. I truly do love the dark green, it really makes it look like a cabin now!



After letting the ATV's run around for awhile, a lot of dirt and sand was floating in the air, so Mike turned on the sprinklers again.  This time, tons of butterflies came out in search of water -- and it was such a sight to see all the butterflies floating around!! 




Our friends brought tons of yard toys ..... (we need to get some of these toys!) and so the kids all had fun playing badmitton!



Of course a good hot dog roast & s'mores was on the menu one night!


Archery was involved as well.....


This picture just cracks me up.  On Friday, Katie had an '80's day at school.  So she dressed up w/ a bandana around her head like in the picture, w/ tights, jean skirt & a shirt.  On Saturday when she arrived w/ our friends (we swapped one daughter each) -- Katie & her BFF Madison were wearing matching tie dye shirts, bandanas, and these aviator glasses.  By the end of the weekend, Madison's brother was matching them as well. 


We also took a short trip down the road to the lake!  This was our first time going to the "beach" at the lake-- and we had a great time!  Got a *little* burnt (turns out lotion sunscreen isn't actually better than spray on sunscreen....), but had a great time!




Sadly. a few "owie's" happened this weekend.. and it all had to do w/ Katie.  Katie was the reason why her BFF Madison got hurt ... like that huge bruise?!  Ouch!  Katie also went shooting and wasn't thinking and her scope bonked her on the head good.... that was the other reason why she refused to remove the bandana from her head.  It covered the egg that formed on her forehead!

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  1. Looks like your family will have many fun summer days at your cabin....


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