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Friday, June 1, 2012

School's out! Let's scream & shout!

Prepare for an overload of pictures of both girls and their final days of school!

Maddie had her 4th grade play about Texas & the history of Texas.  I loved that the kids all signed the songs in ASL -- Maddie is in the class that has the deaf children for the grade -- she loved it so much she asked to be part of the class again for 5th grade.  Her teacher said that all the children don't even need the interpretors to help w/ the conversations between the deaf & hearing kids b/c the hearing kids have picked up sign language so easily!!






Here is Maddie and one of her BFF's Jenna

Katie received a "J" award (J meaning Jackson which is the name of her middle school). Typically what a J Award means is that they will get either a nomination for the Principal's Award (which she was nominated both in 6th & 7th grade), A/B honor roll, All A's, perfect attendance, etc. 


This year she got the President's Award and the A/B honor roll! 

I spy w/ my little eye.... Katie!


Oh .. she is so embarrassed I'm shooting pictures.  :)


Sadly, my camera didn't focus in time when she was shaking her Principal's hand!  Boo!



Way to go Katie!  You are now officially a FRESHMAN!!  :) 


This was annoying... taking an ipad, holding it up high above your head, and recording the ENTIRE thing!  Seriously.. it's a little big and does block a lot of people's views!!!


On Maddie's last day of school, they had a "Popping into 5th grade!" party. Everything that was served had the word "pop" in it ... Popsicles, Popcorn, Lollipops, Pop, Pop Rocks.

Maddie was surrounded by her two adorable friends Jenna & Kelsey.  I love these two girls... so glad these three are so close!



This is Maddie's teacher Mrs Foster -- love this lady!! 


Maddie is also now a Safety Patrol!  She was chosen a few weeks ago to be a safety patrol in 5th grade, so they've been hard at work for the past few weeks learning this important job!  Maddie helps the kids out of the car, and rounds them up for their parents after school.  She also is part of the flag ceremony before and after school.  I was able to stick around and watch her in action.  I was amazed at how they are so reverent with the flag as it is coming down the pole.  All of them are holding their hands to their heart. 





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  1. So last week at Miss Em's concert and older lady was sitting in front of me taking pictures with her IPad.. Drove me crazy........

    Hey ian is Safety Patrol for the fall as well...


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