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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Owls, indexing, missing things, & moody girls

SO I mentioned that my girls' dresser drawers are a mess.

I found a quote on Pinterest that basically said "Nothing is missing until Mom can't find it."  Yep... my girls will tell you I turn into a raving lunatic trying to find their missing items.  Katie couldn't find her white shirt to wear under her dress.... I looked in her drawers, Maddie's drawers (b/c the girls can now wear each other's clothes) and saw jeans, shirts, underwear and socks all in ONE drawer.  The same was seen in every single drawer.  SO, therefore... today is "clean out your drawers day."

From now on, the underwear has its own drawer.  With the socks.  NOT the jeans or the shirts.  No wonder they can't find anything....


Here are my moody girls... cleaning their room

Katie is starting another Personal Progress project.  PPP is what I'll call it from now on.  She is indexing on the FamilySearch.  If she does 10 hours of this, and presents this to her Young Women group on how to index... then she will pass off on a project.  So last night we sit down to figure out what exactly is indexing.  Let's just say.... indexing is a little hard.  We sat down this morning trying to decipher old people handwriting "is that a B or a L?"  "Is that a U or an A?"  What is that name of the city in Poland???  And guess what... she's is graded!!!  BWAHAHA!  So far, she has an 89% b/c the arbitrator thought a certain letter was different than what she wrote.  She downloaded a census page, and let's just say that 40 lines of people's names was about to make her and I crosseyed with the handwriting.  So grateful they have typewriters nowadays!!

So while Katie is indexing, Maddie is knitting.  Doing a darn good job on knitting.  :)

Last night Mike turned on the sprinklers in the backyard again (seriously, when we see cracks in our dirt, it's time to water).  He can rushing in (OK, maybe not exactly rushing in, but he came in quickly) and said "the owls are back!  So, I managed to get some decent pictures (although, at a high ISO on my camera, they did turn out a little grainy) of these burrowing owls!  It was pretty cool to see them chase the birds and hang out in our trees. 


Mike did tell me that I didn't have hunters eyes.  I would stand in front of the trees searching and searching, and he would say "oh, it's right there" and point after looking for 4 seconds.  I still couldn't see it, and gave up.


Enjoy our owls.  :)

and a final picture of a happy Katie and her sister ... being ornery!  (they are in the middle of cleaning their drawers out -- hence the clothes all over their bed!)

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