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Saturday, July 21, 2012

A trip to the ER .... while on vacation!

Well ... after being in pain for 3 days, it was time to take Katie to the ER.  My in laws took Katie to the ER and my mom met them there (she works at the hospital).  I had a photo shoot of my friend Kizzie and her family ... and I knew they had already left their home and traveled from far away for this shoot, so I stayed behind to do their shoot and then would meet up at the hospital.  I was thinking they would be sitting for hours in the waiting room....

By the time the shoot was over (it was a pretty fast shoot, but we had great light, very cooperative kids, and it was so easy to do!) I was driving down to the hospital.  When I had gotten there, Katie was about ready to go to the ultrasound.  They were emptying a bag of liquids in her so her belly would get nice and full (her bladder really) so they could see if there was a cyst in her... or if it was appendix.


She has my phone here .... we discovered we had a signal in the ultrasound room, but not in the ER room... so she was texting her friends. 


Turns out it was a bleeding cyst (called a hemorrhaging cyst) which was causing her a lot of pain.  No white blood cells in her blood, and her appendix looked fine.  They released us to go home with a prescription for pain, but not before giving her a nice drug that within seconds of getting it, she fell asleep.


This is the picture my dad took of Kizzie and I.  We are at the Independence Square in Missouri.


Oh wait .. this is much better!  However, I think I like the picture of myself better in the fuzzy unfocused picture!  :)


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