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Thursday, July 19, 2012

While in Kansas City ... an emergency trip to the doctor

So Katie woke up this morning .... in pretty bad pain.  She kept rubbing her lower right side of her belly.  Then rubbed it towards her belly button.

My mother in law touched her in the appendix area, and Katie doubled over in pain -- she was definitely hurting!! 

Katie hadn't had her kidney stones move in six years ... maybe five?  So we thought kidney stones.  Then we thought appendicitis.  Then I freaked out.

She looked so bad. She couldn't sit or move quickly at all, and every move she made she was in pain. She would lay down on the bed before we left and closed her eyes. Roxy the dog laid down besides her.  (bad picture.. crappy camera phone)


Got her into her old doctor's office .... and while the doctor and some of the older staff remembered us, it wasn't the way I would have wanted a reunion!!  The doctor ran some tests... and all came back normal.  It was either a kidney stone ... or the beginning of appendicitis ... or who knows what was wrong with her.


So she went home, and took a LONG nap.  Woke up feeling just a tiny bit better .... but now the pain is moving towards her belly button (which the doctor said might happen if it ended up being appendicitis).  So, we are watching her.  What a fun vacation so far!!

This is after the dr's office... :(


While on our trip, I get to love on my three nephews who live here in KC.

This evening we watched our adorable 2 year old nephew Taylor.  Tay for short....  man, what a firecracker this kid is!  I blew up some punch balloons for Tay ... and after a few minutes, he fell in love with these balloons! 

I think I will call him Repeat from now on.  He repeats EVERY.LITTLE.THING.YOU.SAY!!  I said "Where's Maddie?" and he said "Where's Maddie?!" or I might say "Uh-Oh!" and he says the same thing.  So darling...

Maddie had to run away from Tay a few times ... he had a weapon as a balloon and man was he strong!



He was also a road runner.  He moved so fast.. this was what I shot in most of my pictures.  ZOOM!





Silly Maddie & Tay!!


Katie had to get in on the action as well.. she was starting to feel a tiny bit better ...


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