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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Recreating old photos ....

While I am here in Kansas City, the family got together and had a big brunch.  Most of the cousins were in town ... and someone (no, not me!)... had the brilliant idea of recreating a photo that was taken probably 24 years ago!!

So, my brother & I, and our cousins Kasey & Zach set out to recreate our "photo."  Which, was a disaster.  One was almost crying .... one was standing way off from the center -- away from me .....  ahh.. it was a disaster in the making.

So we decided to recreate it.  This was the result!


Excuse me while I laugh my butt off some more.... HILARIOUS!!! 

We only had to take this shot maybe 75 times b/c we couldn't stop laughing!!

So, at your next family gathering.... get some old picture and recreate it!!!

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