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Friday, July 6, 2012

When Girls Camp choices go wrong...

Last night I received a text with a picture. 

It was of Katie & her friend at Girls' Camp with their hair done in an upside down french braid.
With hair dye.
Three weeks hair dye -- and Katie's blonde hair.

Some might think "what's the big deal?" 
The big deal is that we don't allow the girls to color their hair until they are adults. 
Apparently Katie "forgot" that.


You should've seen my eyeballs pop out of my head when I first saw the picture.

It wasn't a pretty picture.
However, she now knows how mad her dad & I are, and how much hot water she is in....
and they started trying to wash it out at camp. 

Thankfully, a bunch of the dye came out.

My heart breaks knowing that she was crying and very emotional after talking to me and finding out she was in so much trouble. 


So, what happens at Girls Camp does NOT stay at Girls Camp!!

Someday .... when she's 29 years old, we'll look back on this day and laugh.



  1. I'm a little stumped as to why they even had hair dye at girls camp or allowed the girls to do it? Have they not read the For the Strength of youth pamphlet? Good for you for holding your ground. I'm sure she still had a marvelous time at camp!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Donna .. I know you removed your comment, but it wasn't spray coloring (which would'vve been better!) -- it was actual dye. Hair dye!!

    Leslie -- exactly! At EFY last week, there were big posters explaining this was against the rules!

  4. Amy~ I was a girls camp leader for 4 years, and i brought up to girls camp many cans of colored hair spray. I sprayed lots of YW and YW Leader's hair.... That is what girls do at girls camp, they color, braid hair and eat junk food..... : ) oh and wear colorful tutus..... : )

  5. Hair dye.. Ok i guess i would be a little upset as well......

  6. Yikes! My Mom would have killed me if I did something like that at girls camp. I'm pretty sure she would have driven up there and dragged me home. On a side note I love the color.I always wanted pink hair in high school.


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