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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Fun at Fiesta Texas!!

Two weeks ago our friends took us to Six Flags -- they had season passports and had coupons to get friends in for free....  So we arrived at 10:30 that morning, and ended up staying until 9:00 that night!  It was the first time ever I have stayed at a park the entire time it was open.  It was a LONG day, but a fun day!!  It was also a HOT HOT HOT day! 

Six Flags has a new ride, called the Sky Screamer.  It goes up to 240 feet in the air, and I was dying to go on it!  By the time I found someone (OK, talked someone into going on it!) to go on it with me, it was shut down.  Bummer.  :(  However, it opened up right before we left for the night, and so we ran to get in line!  Rachel (my friend) and I rode it .... and I loved it!!!  Rachel on the other hand wasn't as excited to ride it, but she proved her loyalty as a friend!  True blue friend!!! 

Her husband grabbed this picture on his phone before we took off -- to prove to everyone Rachel got on this ride!


See how high it goes??  It goes HIGH!!


Rachel and I were able to take off by ourselves for an hour and to ride some rides without the kids complaining -- we had a bunch of fun!  We found all the kids on this swing ride -- and I loved trying to capture the kids against the sun!  One of the kids had her arms out like she was flying!


Fiesta Texas also has a water park -- so we spent a few hours at the water park (OK, the adults spent a few hours melting in the sun because we didn't bring our swimming suits).


This next set of pictures cracked me up.  Riley didn't want to go on the ride, so I offered to stay behind with her.  She made sure to stand in the way of the water when each ride came down!





Here you can see Maddie in the lime green waiting for the water and getting splashed!!


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