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Monday, July 2, 2012

San Antonio Zoo time!

We are so lucky to have wonderful friends who have passes to get into all the fun things this summer!  When we get an offer to go to the zoo, we say "YES!"

We loved seeing a baby flamingo!!  (I know... bad picture but my zoom focused on the fence instead of the baby)

Here is Katie & her BFF Madison  -- such beauties!


A picture of Madison & her BFF Brooklyn ... more beauties!


There is a Loorkeet house at the zoo -- and you can buy nectar and feed the birds.  It was a lot of fun!  My girls couldn't (or wouldn't) put the birds on their shoulders or hands and feed them.  :(


Aren't these birds gorgeous?
Katie is feeding these two lovely birdies here....




However, her smile quickly vanished when one of the birds caused her to drop all her nectar in front of her shirt.  :)


Maddie found a statue to sit on and make funny faces... typical Maddie!
We love her silly faces!


.... more pictures of the zoo to come soon!!!

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  1. Great pictures.. My Emily enjoys taking pictures at the zoo..


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