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Friday, July 20, 2012

Coconut Water for kidney stones ....

My dad told me that he learned while in Trinidad and Tobago that people there drink coconut water to help with kidney stones (make them smaller.. break up kidney stones, etc) ..... since Katie was still in pain (day 2), I figured I was going to flush this girl down with lemon water (made w/ distilled water), cranberry juice ... and coconut water.

Boy did she dislike me today.


We didn't do much of anything at the house other than play cards, play with Tay when he came over, and make Katie drink tons of liquids....  that evening I had another photo shoot, and was walking around Independence Square looking for back drops, I came across this on the ground, which is all over the Square indicating where what building stood where back in the 1800's ... a lot of it is from Mormon homes/businesses so you get an idea of how it was back in those days.


Can you see it on the ground there?


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