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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

{Homemade Brown Sugar Scrub}

I had been racking my brain for something as a teacher gift. Last year I put together a popcorn gift set w/ theatre candy & popcorn with a Blockbuster gift card. I didn't want to do it this year. Instead, I used my special canning jars that I found on clearance at Target earlier and made homemade brown sugar scrubs.

Here is the recipe I found online.

Brown Sugar Scrub

1 cup brown sugar
1/2 c sweet almond oil
1 tsp Vitamin E oil
1 tsp vanilla

Mix together and place in a jar!

Now, I found out that I could've used olive oil instead, or even canola oil, but the almond oil has many benefits for your skin. It was also pretty pricey as well. I looked in the cooking aisle, and found it on sale for $7.58 for 8 1/2 oz. Then I went to the health food part of our store (it's a huge awesome store) and found almond oil MUCH cheaper in that section. I bought a 16 oz bottle for $9.29, and it's also food grade too, so you can cook with it as well. When you add the Vitamin E oil, it softens the skin, and the vanilla just adds a pleasant smell to it (unless it makes you want to eat your arm!).

To give you an idea of how much it makes, I made two batches of this, and it made 3 of the small canning jars full. I'll complete with cute tags on the side w/ colorful ribbon later today! Enjoy!


  1. What happened to giving an apple-- hahah:) just kidding. I bet they love it, looks really cute:)

  2. yum!!! What a great idea!!! thanks for sharing!

  3. OK i wish your were my VT!:)

  4. I've missed your blog, Amy! This scrub looks scrumptous enough to eat. I haven't even gotten around to teacher gifts yet (oy...)...

  5. You always think of the best ideas! Mom

  6. Sounds yummy! They'll love it.

  7. awesome idea amy!! remind me to tell you about the peppermint sauce i had last night----it was so good and so pretty-looking. i'm thinking i have my neighbor idea for next year....


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