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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

{New Way to Calendar}

Earlier this year I was at Kinko's, and they had a huge bin of stuff marked 75% off. Inside it, I found a calendar that you pull off pages for each month (so there were 12 pages total, one for each month). I had a light bulb moment, bought the calendar, and headed home.

If anyone is like me, space is an issue of what I put on my walls (what I have room for!). I have to have the PERFECT calendar before I can add it to my walls!! Then the issue of constantly taking the calendar down each time I write on it (b/c my ink runs dry when I try to write on the calendar while on the wall!), means that the nail will eventually pull out.

So, I came up w/ an idea to put it on my fridge instead of the wall. I just gathered all of my business card magnets (those annoying dental or insurance card magnets you get in the mail?!), and I hot glued them on the back of my calendar. I put enough on to ensure it doesn't fall down (b/c the magnets are SO thin!).

Well, the year of 2008 was coming to an end, and I was worried I wouldn't be able to find a new calendar to carry over my ingenious idea. I took the girls to Target for a few things, and Madison found my calendar!! Yay! However, she wanted the pink calendar, Katie wanted the blue calendar, but I found a black & white calendar that was SO ME!

So, I have my new calendar all ready for next year! The best news? It was on sale this week at Target and was only $4.49!!

Here it is in the shiny new wrap. The brand name is Blue Sky.

See my original magnets? My dad somehow got about a 100 of those Forever Friends magnets... I'm almost out!! I've been using them on crafts!

Can you tell the middle magnet is from a dentist? (the shape is a floss canister!)

The final outcome!! Just pull off each page at the end of each month!


  1. Love it! I have had those in the past and love them. They also have them that you can do weekly and pull the pages off each week. They are good for busier times of year where you have lots of stuff to write down each day.

  2. that is a fabulous idea! i am also trying something new this year--my new calendar is big with lines to write on, and i'm going to give each kid a specific color and write their important stuff in that color. i spotted one of these calendars on the wall at our book club dinner and begged the lady to order me one! only $11----score!

  3. what a great and crafty idea.
    Have a wonderful NEW YEARS!

  4. Oh the comment was made by ME
    ( Donna) Not emily.!

  5. That is such a good idea!! It looks so cute on your black fridge. I totally need to do that too. Thanks for the inspiration.


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