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Thursday, December 25, 2008

{{merry christmas!!}}

This is the first year that we are celebrating Christmas by ourselves. It was lonely and a little sad... but we are having a great time creating new memories!!

Last night we had our traditional Mexican food dinner. I made a huge pot of beans, and laid all the stuff out to make whatever we wanted: big daddies (fried flour tortillas like a tostada), burritos, frito w/ beans in a bowl, etc. I made a side of guacamole (love that avocado's are so cheap here in Texas!).

We also had our traditional nut in the pudding game. This game came from England on Mike's family, and the entire clan has played this game since... forever. :) Katie asked us to do this game (which we were going to do anyways). I accidentally bought the pudding you had to cook, so that took a bit (argh!) of time. We finally played, and Katie won the prize!! The prize was the game of Life. We had a great time playing Christmas Eve this game.

This morning we were woken up by our late sleeper (aka Katie). She normally sleeps in until 11 a.m. if I let her, but this morning she woke up E-A-R-L-Y!! So, we got up and went to see what Santa left the girls for Christmas!! Madison had asked for an American Girl Bitty Baby doll, and Katie... well, Katie had an off the wall request for Santa, to which he didn't respond but by saying "ha!". She wanted a million dollars, her own room, a plasma TV for her wall among other frivolous items... so her request was put on the naughty list. :) She had to settle for an Ipod Nano. :) She was thrilled with this gift! and Mom had to figure out how to work it all this morning and do the whole itunes thing. I have a severe headache now. :)

The girls have had a great Christmas. Maddie is in love w/ her new baby, which she is calling "Emily Rose". I just love her expression as she is holding her baby. I caught it at the right time she saw it and picked it up. Truly a child who loves this doll!! I also made a small quilt & pillow for the baby.
Katie is bopping to her ipod (she already misplaced it once this morning, which made me question WHY she even got this gift). We bought her an Ipod docking station that will charge her ipod, and is also an alarm clock, radio player, etc. It works, so I'm thrilled I don't have to make a trip to Target to wait in line to take it back.

To our family & friends: MERRY CHRISTMAS! Wished we were home again to visit w/ everyone. :)


  1. I love the doll quilt! It's too cute. :D I'm glad you guys had a great Christmas!

  2. I miss you guys! Its not the same at moms without everyone here. But I am glad you guys had a great Christmas eve/day. P- woke us up at 8 so we made dad and mom get out of bed at 8:30-hahah. They wanted to sleep in:)

  3. Merry Christmas!! It looks like tons of fun was had in the Nelson house!! Love the blanket/pillow you made for the doll! And I couldn't help but laugh at Katie's wishlist this year!! That's my wish list to sista, and it ain't happenin' LOL

  4. Looks like you all had one wonderful Family Christmas.:) I think Maddie picked a great name for her new baby, "Emily" Rose.!
    Thanks for sharing with us.!

  5. What cute pics, Amy! Even though they are hard, sometimes those holidays that are the most out of the ordinary are the most memorable. I hope you had a great Christmas (and I'm jealous of the cheap avocados you have!). ;)

  6. new traditions are great- it might be sad smetimes to be alone, but your girls will have great memories of your little family!

    ...and i want to start a tradition of eating mexican food on christmas eve! any excuse i can get to eat some mexican food is fantastic!!!


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