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Friday, December 12, 2008

{Please don't think...}

Just wanted to post a quick word to my blogger friends who may think I don't love them anymore b/c I stopped commenting on their blogs. :)

..... for my friends who have music on their blog: for some reason I cannot make it to your blog b/c on both my computers, the page freezes up, so unless I can get on my laptop to shut your music off (which doesn't always work too), I have a hard time making it to your blog. Many apologies... don't know why it's doing that. I had to change my music to where people start it themselves if they wanted to hear the music otherwise I couldn't get on my own blog!

AND... a quick shout out to ANDREA..... I can't comment on your blog!! Not sure why.... I did realize it's set up differently, somehow....

And for the rest of my friends.... I will be coming back w/ a great recipe for homemade french bread and a yummy soup!!

1 comment:

  1. Your girls are so cute!!! Love the hat. That is so sweet for them to visit the rest home.

    With three boys we have endured the shaved head look and the shaggy hair dos...So fun...When they were little I used to be so smug about how they would not look like the wild and wooley teenagers in our ward....Yeah..I ate a lot of humble pie..

    I am looking forward to your recipes!!!!! They sound so yummy!


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