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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

{Kufi Hats}

Madison has been loving hats lately. This child of mine has her own style and way of doing things. She loves wearing boots with her capris, scarfs wrapped around her neck in her pj's (you get the idea of her fashion sense? there is none!). Well, since she's currently onto hats, I found Kufi hats (or beanie hats)! I showed them to Madison online, complete with a flower (which she hardly wears anymore nor ribbons... much to my sadness). She fell in love with them!

So I found a screaming good deal on ebay, bought 4 of them in brown, black, white and pink. They arrived on Monday. Tuesday Maddie wore one of them, and when I went to pick her up at school, I received so many compliments on her behalf .... "ooh, she's so fashionable!" and "ooh... isn't she a doll?"

I also managed to put up one of my favorite finds at my "after Christmas" shopping last year. I love this tree... and adding the ornaments really makes it stand out! Sadly, I couldn't find any huge ornaments to add to it that I would've liked (like red!), so I used what I had at home. I might be able to find some after Christmas this year!
I managed to take pictures of the girls for our cards on Sunday... I'll blog about that another day. The pictures themselves are hilarious, complete w/ Katie acting as a typical big sister w/ her finger pointing at Maddie sternly and weird, funny faces. I did order my cards, but I didn't order enough... oops! I thought 30 cards would be plenty, but I didn't realize I have more than 30 friends & family members! :(


  1. Madison looks very cute. She is ready for the runways ( Cat walk) in New york.:)

    I hope i get one of those Christmas cards.

  2. How cute. Ryan has his own little fashion sense but I have to say it's nowhere near as cute as Maddy's...His consists more of layers, like wearing 3 t shirts at once! lol.

  3. Ally wore her hat to school, and everyone raved about it too. She took it off after recess, and someone stole it right off her desk! So that was the end of the cute hat wearing days for us....

    Love the Christmas tree!!

  4. p.s. Do we get a Christmas Card?!


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