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Monday, December 15, 2008

{My School Project}

I probably should say it's Maddie's school project, since she was supposed to do it.... but it was WAY too hard for her to do! So, I did it. Yes, I did my daughter's homework, and I'll be the first to admit I did it.

Last Monday Maddie comes home w/ a homework assignment to take a paper doll, cut it out (she did that part, so she DID do something), and dress it up like someone from another country, in their style of dress using cloth, felt, construction paper, markers, etc.

We (and I mean ME) decided on a Scottish Dancer, so we did the country Scotland. That's the only country I know anything about b/c the girls dance Scottish dance. So, I went about making a kilt out of Katie's old fabric, and contructed ghillies, a vest (complete w/ glitter for the outline of it) & a shirt out of construction paper, using ribbons as the laces of the ghillies, and yarn for the hair. Course I was a little ticked off that "someone" (aka Madison) used up all the pink construction paper, so it didn't exactly match her kilt. We (and I mean ME) settled for a red vest. There is supposed to be a silver trim on the edge of the vest, and I had silver glitter.... so that was fun! Oh, Madison did help with that, so that's TWO things she did on this project! I did make sure her socks were folded down properly in true Scottish dance sense, but you can't tell here. The hair was too out of place for me, and I couldn't figure out how to make it into a bun (proper Scottish traditions, y'know?), so the perfectionist in me did two ponytails complete with ribbon. OVERDONE you say? Yep... but my kid's gonna have the best dressed paper doll there. I hope.. unless another mom or dad like me did their kids' homework assignment too.
(PSST.... that's what a Scottish dancer is supposed to look like (look up), so it's pretty accurate, huh?) :)


  1. You should be very proud of yourself. Overdone, yes, perfect, definitely. Very cute!

  2. What a cute doll. YOU both (i mean you) did a great JOB! heheheheheheheh

  3. too funny:) Sounds like fun, I would have been all for doing it myself too!


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