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Monday, December 8, 2008

{There's this boy....}

There's this boy. He's cute. Very cute....according to Katie & Darcy (Katie's friend). And he has shaggy hair. The "fall in your face and hangs past your ears" shaggy.

Matter of fact, almost ALL boys have shaggy hair.

Whatever happened to the nice, clean haircuts for boys?

Thanks to Hollywood, and thanks to Zac Efron & the Jonas Brothers... mothers like me are SO thrilled that boys want to look shaggy like these cutie-patooties. But please remember Hollywood.... most people can't pull off this look, nor do they have stylists everyday to do their hair so it looks "oh so cool".... so it looks, well, just shaggy!

I'm counting the days until the clean cuts come back into style. I hope it's soon.


  1. I am not a FAN of the shaggy hair. I won't let my boys have theshaggy hair . We have so many young men in our ward that have the shaggy hair.. It never looks clean to me.

  2. Oh, I think its cute!! I like it either way, Ben always has a short military cut. But I still like the shaggy.

  3. No shaggy here. I hate how it looks all greasy and icky. Shudder! Hopefully the style will change soon and so too those that change with it.


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