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Friday, December 19, 2008

{New 'do}

Well, I did it..... I got my hair cut off!!

However, my pics are not exactly cute.... it's almost 80 degrees here, and ultra ULTRA humid, so it fell the minute I went outside. Plus, my makeup is all splotchy b/c it's so stinking hot. And my 7 year old tried to take some pics, which ended up showing some parts of me that really shouldn't be shown (aka bra, etc). So, I took it over and did it myself. I hate the picture, but you get an idea that my hair is literally cut off. Short. But I love it! I will probably never be able to wear this style or even do this style again, b/c who can copy what their stylist does the first time? Definitely not me!

So, as soon as I get a cuter picture, this one will have

to satisfy your quench. :)


  1. OH i love your hair. YOU are so HOT!!!!!!!
    It is 80, do you have room for me? I am so ready for warm weather.

  2. Yeah, you are hot-- and I'm not talking weather! ;) I love it--so sassy!

  3. I like it! You are also looking thin-- good for you:)

  4. you always look beautiful, so photogenic! i like the haircut...very hip mom!

  5. I think it's a great picture! And I love that cut..it is so cute! I wish I could get mine like that. :D

  6. Amy, you look beautiful!!! The cut is perfect!

  7. I love your hair!! but like you I always dread trying to make mine look as good as it does on the day I leave the salon!!

    Your girls are beautiful!! and I have enjoyed reading your blog! :)

    Chelle from UB

  8. Amy! I don't check your blog for one day and I miss the post I've been waiting for!! argh. I LOVE the new do!! You look gorgeous, and I can tell you've been working hard--you look great! I miss you lots!!

  9. Super cute! You look amazing, but then again you were always so photogenic, this in itself is so unfair. You are a hot mama!!


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