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Thursday, August 4, 2011

"The Castle" + Presley + Layla

After the week with my parents were up, we headed to my in laws for a week!  The first day with my in laws, we took a trip to St Joseph, to pick up my sister in law and her two beauties.  She drove us around the old St Joe -- which was fascinating in itself!!

She first took us to Krug Park -- which is a fascinating park in itself!  It has a beautiful "castle", rose gardens, amphitheatre, and all kinds of things.  You'll need to read up on it here b/c it was such a neat place to go to.  


It was funny seeing how Marcie's two girls teamed up w/ my girls.  The oldest, Presley -- loved to be with Katie (my oldest).  The youngest, Layla, was a big Maddie fan.  Course, both girls loved both of my girls -- but when it came time to holding someone's hand, they reached for those respective girls.

(above)  Katie and Presley -- Presley reminds us all of Katie when she was this age.  A few minor differences of course -- but I think out of all the cousins in the family, these two are the most similar!
(below)  Maddie and Layla

here is proof that I did come on this vacation!


after driving through Krug Park, Marcie showed us "Lover's Lane"  ::giggling::

Then took us to see Jesse Jame's home.

and then right around the corner was a HUGE Mason Temple... very big! 

All in all, the old part of St Joseph was really fascinating to see!  Loved to see all the old homes around the area (those are my favorite!).


  1. It was really good to see you guys, love the posts! Plus, I agree that Presley looks soo much like Katie, it will be interesting to see how they both look when they are 30:)..


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