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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Deanna Rose Farmstead

Also on our last day of being in KC, we headed to the Deanna Rose Farmstead in Overland Park.  Right before we moved to Texas, we lived about 2 miles from this place, and went there often.

My nephew Joshua spent the day on Monday with us, and we all went to the water park -- and had a blast.  He spent the night w/ the girls (his first sleepover ever!), and in the morning Papa Rod had his special breakfast for the grandkids... DONUTS!! 


It was such a hot day that day....


Joshua is feeding the big goats -- he waited for some money from Papa Rod for the dispensor machine, but I found a whole bunch of food on the ground (which was dropped from other kids) so I told him to pick it off the ground.  He did -- and he had food!


Katie's turn to feed!

In this pen were the smaller goats.  The baby goats you fed bottles to (which we didn't do) -- but this pen is also where three years ago Maddie was bit by a goat because she refused to feed a goat.  She folded her hand up in a ball and held on tightly to her food (the WRONG thing to do).  I believe this incident is where it all began... Maddie's aversion to animals.


Papa Rod put all the kids on a wagon hayride.

Totally loving this handwashing station!


Papa Rod and Katie are just chilling...


In the schoolhouse -- of course Maddie picks to be right next to the window, which means my pictures won't be great.  Dang light!!

She & Joshua start writing on their little boards.



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