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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Pioneer Day & other fun things

Pioneer Day falls on July 24th -- so usually in our church (outside of Utah), we all celebrate on Saturday.  This year, since we were with my in laws, we had a breakfast...  to our surprise, a wagon came to give us all rides!  This wagon (and a few others) give rides around Independence Square, and share the rich history of Independence -- known as the Gateway to the West.  You can see in the background of the wagon, the Community of Christ temple (formerly called RLDS).  Reminds me of an ice cream cone...


Katie and Taylor ....


Taylor's momma Alicia (my SIL), and Layla


Marcie (my other SIL), Katie and Presley


On our last day with Marcie and her girls, we took a trip to Lake Jacomo.  There is an awesome little settlement called Missouri Town.  Lots of old homes that are laid out just like one would find it back in the 1800's.  (all the homes were moved there from around Kansas City).  Outside of Missouri town are buffalos and elk that you can feed and watch.

This particular elk had the biggest set of antlers I have ever seen.  I could understand him having a headache all the time if elk were able to speak!


Now, this picture I can't get over.  Maddie refuses to feed the goats, hold a dog (that isn't sedated), hold a hamster -- but she'll feed elk?  Yep -- proof she fed the elk.


This was just too cute -- a momma elk and a baby elk. 


We left KC when Katie just finished 4th grade.  These two gals below were her best friends in 3rd and 4th grade.  So glad they were all able to get together and spend an afternoon together!

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  1. That pic of me is so funny! I look like I just woke up--ga! But I seriously love that pic of Layla. Glad I got to hang out with everyone. xoxo Marc


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