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Monday, August 15, 2011

She's having a .... baby!

No, not me!  My only girl cousin ... Miss Kasey is having a baby!
Yep, she was the one who had that beautiful wedding in May --

She posted an odd Facebook status back in June -- and said she was going home for lunch to take a nap.  I immediately texted her and said "OK girl... you're pregnant!"  We went back and forth via text messages for an hour.  She was kind of in denial about it, telling me that per the internet, this wasn't one of the bigger symptoms that she should have.  I told her that before I knew I was pregnant w/ Katie ... I was sleeping ALL the time.  Came home from work, and before I knew it, Mike was carrying me off to bed because I fell asleep in the oddest places.  Must run in the family!

Anyways, sure enough, a baby is coming!  I took these two pictures when we went home to Kansas City in July ... but had to wait until they came out with the news. 

Love this picture of Kasey & Katie ....  Kasey would come over to my house when Katie was literally days old and just sit in front of the TV and hold Katie ALL DAY LONG!  She's going to be a wonderful mama!  She got some practice when she was 12 years old! (that's how old she was when Katie was born).


So come March 10th (or around that date) ... my grandma will be welcoming her fifth great grandchild, my aunt her first grandchild ... and my first ... uh? Second cousin? Great cousin?

Congratulations Kasey & Nate!


  1. THANKS!! so EXCITED. Fun blog :) :) xooxox



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