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Monday, August 22, 2011

Happy First Day of School!!

I now have an 8th grader and a 4th grader!

How did this happen?

Both my girls were SO excited to go back to school.  I will have to say I was very sad that school started.  Since I stopped working in June, I've cherished my time with my girls this summer.  Working for the past two summers (and then 3 years before we moved here) has really made me sad that I wasn't home with them.  Cherish your time with your kids if you stay home!! 

While they were so excited about going back to school -- I was just a little sad b/c I must be such a bore that they were excited to go back to school!  Who wants to go to school? 

As I said goodbye to them, I repeated what I've said to them every single time they leave the house since they started school: 

Do your best!
Make good choices!
and always remember I love you!

For awhile, I used to say "Remember who you are" -- and Katie would always joke around "I'm a lion ... rooaarr!"  (y'know.. from Lion King?). 

Here is our traditional "1st day of school" pictures!!

Katie's in her last year of wearing uniforms to school.  Let me say that I.LOVE.UNIFORMS!!  Will be sad next year when she starts wearing regular clothes! :(


Miss Maddie has been dying to get a miniskirt for months now.  We finally found some at JcPenney's that actually was at a modest length!  Plus, it was on clearance.  SCORE!  She wore it 4x last week...  I think this is her favorite piece of clothing?  No?



  1. They are both so pretty! I wish my girls could both go to school. I feel like I need a break--LOL..

  2. Love it! So cute. Uniforms would be so easy!


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