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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Bed (and bad habits) rituals...

When I asked my girls this morning to make their bed ... this is what I find after they leave:


One side is made ... the other isn't.  My children sometimes are nice & thoughtful to each other -- like one MAY make the ENTIRE bed for the other, but usually not.

Take this next picture... instead of putting her clothes away, Maddie dresses her rabbit in the shirt she should've folded and put away.  Daisy DOES have clothes ... Maddie just usually resorts to putting all her clean clothes back in the dirty clothes hamper to be washed... AGAIN.  (I have told them multiple times that I will throw said clean clothes away if I find them in the dirty hamper -- I will start following up on that soon).  If Maddie does clean the room, I can always count on her putting clean clothes in the dirty hamper.  Every.single.time.

Now for the person who sleeps on this side of the bed.... this has always been a mystery to me.  Katie goes to bed with socks on.  She wakes up always with one sock on, one sock off.  Always the same foot.  The other sock is always at the end of the bed.  ALWAYS!!  Here in this picture there are five pairs of socks.  Usually when I do laundry and I find the girls are missing socks, I will change the sheets and there are a good number of socks to be found at the end of the bed.


Can you just scream with me here???  ::AUGHHHHHHHH::

1 comment:

  1. Ok I'm the same way. I go to bed with socks on, and when i wake up i have one sock off. ; )


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