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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Making a village....

Every first Sunday of the month, a group of families get together and have dinner after church.  The first Sunday in December all the families were treated to make this amazing village.  My dear friend Katie (who adopted my girls for the past year when I worked) worked hard to pull all this together, and let me tell you -- all the kids & moms enjoyed it!

I'm so grateful for friends who take the time to do this for my kids.  The last time I bought a gingerbread house kit, my kids were LITTLE.  (We were in the first house we bought, and we moved when Maddie was 2 -- that's how little!).  I gave up after 30 minutes, and Mike came in and saved the day (and the house).  So, you can tell I'm grateful for friends who love this kind of stuff and who invite us to join them. :)

Here is our creation afterwards.  (I will blog about the actual event when I get the pictures off of my other camera..)







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