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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Hartstrings... where the cool kids are dressed

I was given the opportunity to take some money courtesy of Hartstrings and MomSelect and go shopping at Hartstrings at my nearby outlet mall!!!

As a photographer, let me tell you when I read other photographers blogs, I am in awe of the children's clothes.  Literally ... they all look like they're dressed by a designer.  I'm talking layers of different types of colors, prints ... and they all color coordinate so well!  After I took one step in the San Marcos Hartstrings store, I realized .. "ahh... this is where those mothers shop."

Why didn't anyone tell me about this store when my girls were little?  I love the clothes there!  The clothes have fabric that is SO strong & sturdy ... very durable for little boys & girls who need room to romp and play -- but yet look so adorable. 
The girls to choose from were amazing. There were reds, navy blues, pinks, turquoise -- all colors that I have a hard time finding in clothes!  They have the most adorable clothes for babies -- and toddlers.

The staff at the San Marcos store was the sweetest, most helpful staff ever.  They pointed me and showed me the direction to find the things I needed to complete outfits for Maddie. 

I just regret just ONE thing.  I regret just now finding this amazing store -- when Maddie is nearing the size 16, which is at the end of the road for her at this store.  At the age of modesty, where we are trying to keep modest clothes on our children, I was grateful to find several dresses for Maddie that came to her knees.  That covered her shoulders.  There were a few skirts that were mini skirts --- I stayed away from those because we need to keep our children covered!!

Check out Hartstrings at your nearby mall (or outlet mall.. I was able to snag some of these outfits at 60% off PLUS another 20% off that!  SCORE!) -- or "like" Hartstrings on Facebook ... or even become a follower of Hartstrings on Twitter
Here are the outfits I chose for Maddie.  Gratefully, she loved all the outfits I purchased!



I adored this skirt so much ... it was the first thing I picked out!


I received the free products as part of a promotional program with Hartstrings and MomSelect. 
All comments and opinions are my own.

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