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Monday, December 5, 2011

Our Thanksgiving Vacation to the Cabin ... part 1

Figured it was probably time to get back to blogging.....

The girls have a whole week off for Thanksgiving -- so we took advantage of it and drove to our cabin in East Texas.  Boy did we have a great time in our little 700 square feet cabin!

We arrived mid morning on Friday -- one day before Maddie's birthday.  Poor girl is always celebrating her birthday on the road.

We also had visitors!  Mike's boss Sarah & her family came and stayed with us for a few days.  They stayed in our pop up suite (I called it a suite).  Sarah & her husband Justin have a little boy Kael who is just the cutest kid ever.  He has Katie & Maddie wrapped around his little finger!

The girls and Kael played a game -- can't remember it -- but it's like a cross between kickball and tag, I think.  The rules change frequently. 

First rule is you kick the ball.


Then you run to the truck and if you can make it to the truck without being tagged with the ball, you're safe and you won that time.


Kael loved to play .... he was such a ham to watch. 


and this picture?  I love this picture b/c I managed to capture Kael hitting the ball at him mom at the EXACT moment.  Priceless!


Then... the game was over when Maddie found a caterpillar.


what a beautiful caterpillar!


Stay tuned for the next few blog posts about the walking stick named Walter, the "oh!  the walking stick named Walter has a family!", the toilet (we can now pee in peace because we have a DOOR!!!), more family comes to visit..... and our first Thanksgiving roughing it with no kitchen.  Trust me, you don't want to miss these stories!

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  1. Fun!!! I think it's amazing that your husband built your cabin. So impressive.


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