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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thanksgiving week ... Day 3 - 5

All of our company left on Sunday -- so we were alone for a few days before my parents made a long drive from Missouri to see us on Wednesday.

On those days, it rained.  Rained and poured.  Poured buckets of rain.  It was raining cats & dogs... literally!  So, on those days, this is what we did...

Play Farkle...
this is such a fun game.  It is a dice game in which you have to try to get as many 1's & 5's as you can.  The first person who reaches 10,000 points wins.

Work on the bathroom -- shoot the walls
Well, Mike mostly did this -- he finished putting the walls up and the door went up as well.  He textured and shot the walls and then painted it!

Find a window & write all over it


Hook up the electricity for the stove
... and hang the microwave!

Take approximately 134 pictures of the walking stick family
aka Walter and Walterina

We were pretty excited to be able to use our stove for the first time the night before my parents arrived!  We made burritos for dinner, and enjoyed some mexican hot chocolate for dessert.  It was quite chilly that night!!

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  1. I have never played Farkle. That may be the next game we play on Sunday night. : )


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