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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

We have a basketball player!!

At Katie's school, she is in Athletics -- which means she has to play two after school sports a year as well as taking gym classes and working on those sports during school.  She did volleyball.... and last year she found out that even though she is fast at running, she isn't as fast as some of these road runners at school -- so this year she opted for basketball as her second sport.

She's never played basketball in her life.
Her coach picked her to be point guard.  :)  However, she found out that she loves the left wing.  Why are these basketball terms changing?  It used to be guard, forward, center!
Here are some very fuzzy pictures of her playing basketball.  I have a crappy zoom lens apparently that doesn't do squat for me.  Time to possibly save up for a $650 lens?  I dunno....

This girl was on her like peanut butter on white bread!  In fact, this said girl pushed quite a few point guards -- some in the face!  I didn't think that was allowed... but since they changed the names in BBall, maybe they changed the rules as well?!





Altogether, I thought Katie did EXTREMELY well for having played her first game!  She needs to get a little more aggressive and actually attempt to steal the ball.  She was quite the gracious lady on the court when she played her quarter.  (there are four quarters... 19 girls .... 5 girls play at a time, so they all only get one quarter to play).

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  1. Go Katie! She is such an athletic girl! Volleyball, basketball, what next?


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