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Monday, December 12, 2011

The Thanksgiving Finale post

Better finish up w/ Thanksgiving vacation...


We made an entire Thanksgiving dinner in our cabin!!  Cheated a bit, we did ... but we did it!  I bought a boneless turkey breast from Sam's Club, my mom make mashed potatoes & a cranberry salad ahead of time -- and at the cabin we made green bean casserole, cranberry (relish?  jelly?), and burnt rolls....  pecan pie & pumpkin pie were dessert....




Earlier that day on T-day, my parents drove the girls & I out to where they went to college (and met).  The college is literally right down the road from our cabin, maybe about 15 minutes away?  I had been there several times, and many of my close friends went to college here as well.

My parents stayed in these type of housing while on campus ... they called it "Booth City", and they are TINY!!


On Friday, it was the anniversary of my grandpa's death, so we placed an order at the wonderful hamburger restaurant for a peanut butter pie.  My grandpa made a mean peanut butter pie!  It was delicious, and even my dad commented on how similar it was!  So, our first bite we toasted to Grandpa.


Mike had a huge stack of wood to burn, but we had a fire ban in place.  It was removed the day before (but it rained like crazy for a few days...), so he wasted maybe 10 gallons of gas trying to get a fire started.  (OK, maybe not that much, but it was a lot).  Finally, my mom managed to keep one of the fires going, and we had FIRE!!  we decided to keep her in the tribe after all -- she was a great fire girl.


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