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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

{1st Day of School}

Much to Katie's excitement, I made the girls stand together, across from their school, to take the traditional 1st day of school picture. ::giggling:: Oh, how I love to torment her! She's getting old enough where this is probably driving her up the wall, but it's MY tradition to take a picture of her & Madison on their first day! I will continue this until she leaves for college! ::laughing wickedly::

I had to laugh inside when they picked out their outfits for the first day. Usually, the first day of school outfits are something *cutesy* and something they just LOVE.... not my girls. Well, they loved what they wore, but Maddie was OK wearing jeans (on a day that was 97 degrees). I made her change clothes. She ended up wearing a not-new outfit, but it was still cute. Katie's starting to want to go into that "tomgirl" look. She does have some cutesy outfits, so hopefully she'll turn around a bit and go back to dressing cute again. :) I can still get Maddie to wear cute stuff (well, stuff that is cute to ME!). If only I can get Katie to break away from the traditional ponytail hairstyle every single day. She can really do amazing things w/ her hair, when she wants to. Today, she did wear it in a bun, so maybe things are changing?

Oh, back to school topic.... both girls did great at the end of the day. At the beginning of the day, Katie went her way, and I took Maddie to her classroom. The minute we walked in the doors, she started bawling her head off. Poor kid. After they said the Pledge of Allegiance, then the Pledge to the Texas flag (which is new to us), she's over in the corner trying so hard to be quiet while crying... then the moment of silence, which wasn't so silent in the classroom when Maddie let loose all her sobs. :( That's when I finally let my tears flow too... it wasn't because she was going into first grade, it was because I had a hard time seeing my baby have a difficult time with this new scenario in our life.... new friends, new location, new home.... everything! But, after a few gags and threating to throw up (she tends to throw up when she cries sometimes), I left her w/ her teacher. She did amazing the rest of the day, and came to me that afternoon full of smiles!

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  1. Well, they don't look too tomboyish in these photos! If that's as bad as gets, count your blessings! My tomboy niece insists on wearing boy underwear, jersey's and basketball shorts with a sports cap everyday....


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