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Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Never in my life would I imagine saying these words:

"Maddie, please stop cleaning"

She has been on a nonstop cleaning episode since this afternoon! She'll wet a rag down, and start wiping everything... walls, doorknobs, the floorboards, PICTURES (had to tell her to stop on those). She finally stopped, then just now, she decided to clean again. Oh well... whatever floats her boat, right? **thinking of her desire to be a cleaning lady when she grows up**

Another Maddie-ism:

Tonight I took the girls swimming and we came in from the pool. They took showers, while I made some brownies. After their shower, and while the brownies were baking, the girls decided to eat a banana. Here is my conversation with Maddie Rose:

M: Mommy, I decided from now on, I'm going to eat healthy.

Me: Oh really, well why did you decide that just now?

M: From eating my banana.

Me: Oh, well then I guess you can forget about eating brownies, because those aren't healthy.

M: Oh, that's OK. I can still eat one.. THEN I'll eat healthy after that.

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