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Saturday, August 30, 2008

{oh, she loves her bling!}

Last weekend my mom, Katie & I went through my jewelry box looking for the earrings that MY mom gave me when I was Katie's age. She ordered a package of something like 100 pairs of earrings for $5 (I'm sure I'm way off, but you get the point), and amazingly, I saved a bunch of these earrings. Katie knew I had them, and so she wanted to sort them out and look at them.

Maddie found the biggest pair of earrings I had.... the earrings I wore to church prom years ago (and I mean YEARS)... I showed her they were clip on earrings, and I have YET to get them back. They sit on her bathroom counter every single day, and she wears them every chance she gets. My only rule is that she can't leave the house with them, so she wears them IN the house. She wore these on our trip to the airport to take Papa & Grandma back home.

My baby loves her bling. Mom ... you have a better picture, please send it on!

1 comment:

  1. You have just got to get her ears pierced!! How much longer does she have to wait!!! Oh-- I am sooo mailing your girls a copy of Annie (Its the greatest movie!!!)


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