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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

{Mike's Going Away Party}

Last night Mike's company threw him & his property manager a going away party. We met up at this awesome place that has bowling, laser tag (which was broken), and mini golf all in one. Best of all.. the place was NON-SMOKING! No hazy clouds to look through and choke through!

We all bowled two games. The girls and us were in one lane. What was really neat (can you tell we don't bowl much?) is that it's all computerized to the point that we tell the front desk when a kid is playing, and they add it to the computer so when Katie's or Maddie's name came up, the rails for the bowling alley went up, so they could bowl straight down without it just going in the gutters.

We had a blast... both girls did a few strikes & spares. Mike did a few strikes and spares, as did I. BUT.... what was shocking, was how well I did. Yes, ME! At the end of game 2, where we're on the final 10, and you have to bowl 3 times (sorry, I don't know my bowling lingo), I did THREE strikes IN A ROW!! Wahoo! I wished I had a picture for Mike's jaw that was on the ground. But, I did take a picture of this miracle for all to see, and to KNOW it wasn't a tall tale! (to see what I'm talking about, on the top row, it says A... go all the way across to the right, and you'll see XXX and recognize my final score?! Now, go down to the bottom M at the very bottom, and you'l see Mike's score. Bwah-hahaha!) Let it be known that Amy finally beat Mike at SOMETHING!!

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