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Monday, August 11, 2008

{It's So Hard To Say Goodbye}

Katie & her betta fish, Henry

Maddie & Ainslea

Last night of dance was Thursday, and these are our final pictures of our friends.

Katie + Bryn = Best Friends Forever (BFF)
(or so they tell me) & yes, they're sweaty b/c this is after dance

Katie took it really hard as she left one of her dearest and bestest friends, Bryn. In fact, in the car she broke down and exclaimed "I don't want to move anymore!". Then at home, she had a full breakdown. Broke my heart. Bryn & her family took Henry, our betta fish. They don't promise that he'll be alive long. {{giggling}} I'm just surprised Henry lasted this long too!

This is Stephanie, mom of the two girls. We were trying to be as cheesy as the girls were (cheek to cheek). Didn't really work well, but I'll miss this girl as well!

and one more hug for the road...

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  1. Thanks for posting farmstead pictures! I keep forgetting to get them off my camera (what? me forget something??)

    That was a fun day, even though it was 150 degrees outside. I love the above shot of me and Reese, although I had no idea my roots were that bad---hello? Why didn't you tell me?!


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