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Monday, August 25, 2008

{It's really true!!}

Everything IS bigger in Texas... very true!

I have found two HUGE gigantic cockroaches in my bathtub (came up in the drain)... each on separate nights. I've never seen a cockroach that big in my life. Thankfully, my knight in shining armor (aka Mike) came to my rescue and killed them for me. I can handle the little ones, but not the big ones. ::shuddering::

Anyways, after seeing billboard after billboard saying "everything is bigger in Texas", they really do stand by their words. :)

Girls started school this morning. Katie was nervous, as was Maddie. Maddie started crying as soon as we entered the school. Didn't stop for 15 minutes, and made me cry as well. Weird thing here... they do the Pledge of Allegiance, then they do a pledge to the TEXAS flag (that was odd), then they have a moment of silence (which I like). Finally had to leave Maddie... still crying. :(

Mom and Dad left last night, and so it's a crash back to reality for us now. We are truly alone in this big area..... The girls (and I) had bouts of crying spells all night long. This is going to take some getting used to being away from family. Hopefully this will make us a stronger family unit. :)

Will upload pics from our beach trip & first day of school as soon as I can get internet access going from INSIDE the house. Right now I'm sitting outside and being bit to death by mosquitoes and flies. Ick!


  1. Poor Maddie, and Katie, and You!!!
    I'm sorry to hear about all the crying and sadness! I'm sure it will get better as you get more established and meet your neighbors and ward members. Give it some time--this is the adjustment period!
    (you can always come back here--I think your apt. is still empty! except we're probably getting your second garage!)
    I'm also sorry to hear about the GIANT COCKROACHES!! Eeeeek

  2. Sad!!!! I know how it feels to be alone without family. You will adjust I promise. Time to find more hobbies!! As far as the roach-coach in your bath tub, They are bigger in Texas (I think some people call them water bugs they even have wings!! gag -- but they like water and come ot when it rains))))


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