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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

{More Homestead Pictures}

Here is the mining... they give you a huge bag full of sand & stones, and you have to wash it all away and sift for the stones... or what you *think* is stones

Katie finds a stone

Maddie tries to make corn meal

Our friends, Ally & Reese MacArthur, standing outside an Indian teepee

Here is another picture of Maddie petrified over the goats. Jenni is trying hard to get the goats out of Maddie's face.

This is a letter Maddie wrote to her friend Ainslea... Papa Rod finally told her to sound out her words with letters, and she wrote the rest of the letter on her own! (the only help she got was Dear B & A). Can you read it?! Amazingly we could the first time!

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  1. Amy
    where are these pictures? are you there yet and do you love it e-mail me...


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