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Sunday, August 31, 2008

{I'm dreaming of...}

RATTLESNAKES!! Yes! Rattlesnakes!

Thanks to Mike's ingenious idea to show me some cool sites around his temporary apartment place, I am now constantly thinking of rattlesnakes.

Story number one: While coming back from lunch on Friday, Mike slowed down to show me a cave, right before the entrance to the apartments. It was a cool cave, until he told me the STORY that went along with it. He drove to the garbage bin. He said "OK, about a year or so ago, a tenant was taking her trash here, climbed up the stairs to dump her trash inside, and looked inside and saw a HUGE mountain lion eating the garbage. She freaked, of course (who wouldn't?), and the mountain lion was captured." Turns out the mountain lion had been living in this cave, which stretched under the property all the way to the end of the other side. ::shuddering::

Story number two: The city paved a new road to the side of the complex a year ago. While drilling and cutting through all the rock to make a road, they came across a den of rattlesnakes (aka, a den houses a TON of snakes). He said to this day, they frequently see rattlesnakes still around the area that it was found, which is near the car wash at this complex, the most recent a few days ago. ::shuddering::

Story number three: A year ago, a rattlesnake decided to pay a few tenants a visit, and coiled itself up on the first step of one complex, and wouldn't let anyone pass (well, who would pass a rattlesnake in the FIRST place?). ::shuddering::

So, last night, I had sweet dreams all FREAKING night long about rattlesnakes. In fact, I felt something brush my blanket, and I could've sworn my mind went directly to "oh no! There's a snake here!"

I am officially losing my mind. I'm scared to DEATH of snakes. Literally. What gets me even more afraid is the fact my husband doesn't seem to mind them, and is quite at ease with killing these reptiles as if it were no different than mowing the grass. Uh, HELLO! It can STRIKE at you! Course, he rolled his eyes at me when I suggested he pack his snake guards in his truck at ALL times.

I thought about posting a picture of a rattlesnake from google images, but I decided I would probably never come back to my blog if I constantly saw a picture of one of the things I feared greatly. That would be a travesty, right? :)

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  1. Rattlesnakes?????

    Terrified would be the right word...


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