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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

{Hey Y'all}

OK, for the record, I have to laugh and giggle everytime I hear someone say "y'all" here in Texas. They say it w/ a southern drawl. :D

OK .... things I've learned during this entire life change:

1) Expect to argue with your husband when he loads all HIS tools (aka crap) and then proceeds to tell me that MY stuff has to be tossed.... that is not a pretty picture. Thankfully, most of my stuff made it on the truck or somewhere in the vehicles.

2) Driving with a quiet 6 year old isn't as bad as I thought it would be!

3) Maddie loves classical music. She took over the radio controls, found a classical music station, and proceeded to make me fall asleep several times during our drive.

4) I memorized Penske's number... it's 1-800-G0-Penske. (I followed Mike the entire way). I think I can even give you his license plate number!

5) Dad & Katie really know how to party hardy in their vehicle. Dad had enough of Martina McBride after 30,000 times of listening to her music.

6) Chocolate is not good for a long drive. It makes a horrible mess.

7) Cheap MP3 players is just that... cheap. They only last an hour when fully charged. UGH! (that's why we had to listen to the radio, and how we ended up w/ classical music).

8) It's humid here in Texas. Not sure if it's b/c it's been raining, or if it's just humid. Either way, it still sucks b/c it feels worse here than in Missouri/Kansas.

9) I really miss my family & friends. :(

10) Gas is cheaper in Oklahoma. Like $3.23 cheaper!! Dang!

11) Okies in Muskogee's has the BEST chicken fried steak, and unfortunately, that's also where I was bitten to death by mosquitos. I can count 20 bites on my legs alone.


  1. Yup, moving definitely puts a strain on the whole family! It sounds like you all did great though, I'm so glad you made it safe and sound and are enjoying your new place. Keep us updated and post pics!

    p.s. What does ROMBLOFO (or whatever all those letters were) you put on my comments?? I have no idea....LOL

  2. I'm so glad that you guys made it. It sounds like you took the long way though. Unfortunately it is a little humid in texas, but you are in luck, it is never this humid, only when it rains. San Antonio is actually really dry compared to the rest of us. Send lots of pics of your new place, we can't wait to see them :o)

  3. Hahaha, watch out, Y'all is way catchy! You will be saying it before you know it. How are you liking it there? When do the girls start school?


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