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Monday, April 5, 2010

.... best friends

My dear friend Mandi is truly a lifesaver for our family. She has graciously picked up Maddie from school every single day for me, while I am at work. She has basically taken Maddie under her wings, just as she is one of her own (Maddie's blonde hair makes it an easy fix to throw in the mix) .... and in turn, Maddie has become close to her daughter, Tressa. I'm so grateful Maddie has a close friend. It always makes life so much easier when there's a good friend. Now I'm sure they don't ALWAYS get along, but who does?

These two giggly little girls are hilarious. When Tressa comes over to our house, you can see their creative little minds working. In this case, the girls took our dance mats, and made a house. I could HEAR the girls, but couldn't see them. They were hiding INSIDE this little tiny house. When I called out to them, both their heads peeked out like in this picture, and it was HILARIOUS! They were playing house.

These two girls are so incredibly smart.... and so funny! They love to build things together. They build incredible things out of blocks when they were here playing. One time I picked Madison up and both girls plus Tressa's brother Brian were all sporting Home Depot aprons and pounding nails into some 2x4's .... it was taking them several days to get just a few nails in the wood, it seems. But they didn't care, they had a blast.

I bought a HUGE bucket full of Tinkertoys at Sam's for only $6.38 (leftover from Christmas, but it was brought back and came down from $50!!) a few weeks ago. Can't WAIT to see what the girls come up with! They truly have some great ideas. They'll go far in life, I predict.

Mandi, if you're reading this, Tressa needs to come over to play!


  1. Anytime, my friend! It is our treat to have Maddie here every day. She just adds to the fun and actually has a calming effect on my crazy children. She is great because she plays with the boys as much as she does Tressa. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Cute, hope your girls had a happy Easter. Presley has a little best friend here and I am getting really sad to have to move because they probably wont see each other again:(

  3. Nothing better!

    (Happy Anniversary!)

  4. What cute girls! :) Good friends like that are hard to find. Glad you are getting some help while life is so busy, Amy.


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