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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

...shopping at the outdoor mall

We have a fairly new beautiful outdoor mall here in our city. We live pretty close to it also, and has many of the high end stores at this outdoor mall. The landscaping is just breathtaking also.
One day I took the girls shopping, and we managed to snap a few photos and just be silly!
It's great to be silly every once in awhile!
Then my camera died.
Which is why we only have three pictures to share.

I want to say this is an aloe plant, but really, I have NO clue.
If it was an aloe plant, man, you'd get a TON of aloe out of this baby!
Took the picture b/c it was just so stinking huge!

Bubble blowing blondie.

Say that fast five times.

Some of the pretty landscaping....
Love Maddie's mismatched shoes with her green outfit?
Yep, those shoes are worn EVERY day, regardless if they match.
They never do.
Oh well.
You only live once, might as well do whatever it is that makes you happy, right?

Wow... I have to say I've come a long way since being so anal about making sure my girls have matching shoes, matching socks, matching hair accessory with whatever they're wearing! Nowadays, I'm just glad they're covered in clothes!

1 comment:

  1. I love outdoor malls. I wish we had more in my town. ; )
    I think that is a aloe plant.


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