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Saturday, April 17, 2010


A few weeks ago, it was time for the Highland Games here in San Antonio.
So we spent part of our day on Saturday dancing. I say we, but I mean .. the girls.

Upon arriving at the grounds we see this ... man? Scary person? He's got BONES in his helmet! I have NO clue what this has to do with Scottish history (not that it does but makes me wonder if it DOES!). People were putting money in his elastic around his arms and posing for pictures. He didn't flinch or move. Not even when my girls stood right in front of him just staring with their mouths open. Just a little intimidating, I have to say!

It was perfect weather for this day. Not hot, a little breeze blowing. Just perfect!

It amazes me to see my girls together and see how much they look alike, but at the same time, how much they DON'T look alike.

Maddie's eyes can be so mesmerizing sometimes.
Yes, they both have makeup on, but just mascara.
It was for performance only.

I managed to find a place under a great big ugly tree to watch and take pictures
(none of which really turned out... b/c Katie has all these weird funny looks going on when she dances, and Maddie clenches her mouth)
So, this tree was my subject. I finally got a good picture of the sun's rays.

After my tree's photo session, the group opened their dance session up to the audience. I got a kick out of this cute Irish dancer coming up to dance with Maddie. So we've got the Irish & the Scottish dancing together. If only those kids moved the water bottle & sippy cup out of the way I could crop some more!

Had a great time. Love going to the Highland Games. I would strongly suggest going to one in the future if you haven't. It's truly an amazing, fun thing to go see and do.


  1. That blue is perfect for your beautiful girls. I love the stories about their dancing.

  2. Their dancing is too awesome!


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