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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

.... food co-ops

Last summer my friend Jen was telling me about the food co-op that was going on in our church ward. She said "you've got to try it! I got _____ and _______ for only $___". Sorry, can't remember what Jen got and how much she paid for it, but I just remembered she got AMAZING stuff for LITTLE money! But I never participated!!

Three weeks ago I get an email saying "sign up for the food co-op!" and I didn't. I'm just too busy to do a food co-op. ::insert snotty laugh:: Well, my snotty laugh ended right then & there when I saw my friend Mandi's goods that weekend. JEALOUS!! and for so little money too!

So, this past week, Mandi sent me the co-op list, and I ORDERED!
::queue Hallelujah chorus::

I was so excited! I ordered! I picked up my goods on Saturday morning and was quite amazed at how much (actually, TOO much) that I bought. Mandi laughed and said "ahhh... you made the same rookie mistake I made two weeks ago!" Yep.

I have no clue how many cucumbers are in a pound. I ordered 3 lbs. Apparently, that's about 6 cucumbers. I ordered 10 lbs of red potatoes. At only .24 cents a pound, surely 10 lbs is a good deal! Yeah, a good deal, but I was giving away my potatoes to Mandi b/c I was done at 3 lbs! Grapes were only .39 cents a pound! Pineapple was $1.69! Romaine lettuce .69! Those HUGE sweet oranges are my favorite.... at only .39 cents a pound. Wish I bought more. They're almost gone! Blueberries were only .84 a pint!! I made blueberry muffins tonight with them!

Anyways, point is, if you have a fruit/veggie co-op around you, HURRY and RUN to it! I was amazed at how much I was able to buy, for such little money. AND best of all! We get to eat healthy! Wahoo!


  1. Oh my gosh. That's it. I need to find one of those in my area. How do you find such things?!

  2. Not sure Chiemi... ask around your ward or even call your cit. I know there are food co-ops out there, you've just got to find it. Some farmers do it together and you take in a laundry basket and get a BUNCH of stuff for dirt cheap.

  3. I do Bountiful Baskets here and I love it!


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