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Friday, April 23, 2010

... i'm goin'

As I write this...
in exactly 8 days I will be seeing

be still my heart.

If I could get away with a poster of George Strait in my bedroom,
I would have it hanging above my head on the ceiling.

However, I don't think posters exist anymore of 50-some year old men who are country singers.
Even if they did, Mike probably wouldn't stand for a picture of George in our room.
On my side of the closet, maybe, but not in our room. On our ceiling.

I never get my way.


  1. Ben says he LOVES G Strait! I'm not a huge fan, but excited for you!

  2. All though I'm not a big country fan, George Strait is gorgeous! I've always thought so and always will :)

  3. Wow, George is lookin' good ain't he??


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