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Monday, April 19, 2010

...oh, dear

The girls have a new dance teacher, and she is amazing.
They both have taken workshops from her in the past back in Kansas City, so we feel super blessed to be able to take lessons from one of the best in the Highland Dance industry here in the USA.

Both girls have learned so much in the few weeks they've been with her. A lot of fine tuning has been going on. Maddie has chicken arms, meaning when she dances, her elbows point towards her back. So, Miss B (her name is Mary Beth) places a yard stick through her arms to keep them straight. Maddie starts dancing.... and snaps the yard stick in half! So, a sword went in its place (no worries... a dance sword).

They dance with cans in their hands.... and they walk in heels when they're not dancing.
Yes, heels. They have to dance on their tippy toes, and to help their feet get used to this, they walk in heels. Miss B had a pair of heels that surprisingly fit Maddie's size 2 feet perfectly!

and get this... Maddie LOVES wearing these heels. She wears them ALL the time.
Wears them when she does chores (HELLO! Mrs Cleaver!)... wears them when she watches TV
... wears them whenever she can. In fact, last week for church, she asked to wear the heels. It was a resounding "NO" from my mouth.


  1. those are some cute shoes! My Emily likes to wear heels, just to make her look taller. :)

  2. Sounds like a great teacher! I think it;s so cool that your daughters do these dances. It makes me want to get my girls involved in something like this.

  3. Look at those LONG legs! WOW! My ankles hurt just to look at those high heels.... Mom

  4. Ha-- that is so funny! I cant believe there are heels in a size 2. That is crazy!!! P likes to wear my heels too:)


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