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Friday, April 30, 2010

...flashback friday's ... SUNDAES!

When my brother & I were kids, every once in awhile my dad would proclaim
"let's have sundaes for dinner!"

To a kid ... this was music to our ears!

Usually this special event took place on Sunday nights (hence, "Sundaes"), and we would often take a trip to the store and pick out the special kinds of ice cream and all the fun toppings.

My girls once spent the weekend with my parents years ago. Well, they've spent MANY weekends with them, but this one particular weekend stood out in my mind.

Katie came home so happy & excited. She was so excited because Papa Rod said for dinner they were going to have sundaes. He took them to the store to pick out their own ice cream, bought bananas, chocolate syrup and whatever else they wanted on their sundaes... and then they made themselves a big old fat sundae. Just.for.dinner!

When she told me that, it brought back fond memories of when my dad would proclaim that special dinner. Now, this special dinner didn't happen often, but when it did, we were in heaven!

I remember a few years ago, we stayed at my parents until late one night. We all hadn't eaten dinner yet, and so dad proclaimed "it's SUNDAES for dinner".
Mike was so startled... it was funny. He enjoyed "dinner".

Sometimes it's fun to get out of the rut every once in awhile.

Try it..... proclaim one weekend night to be
I promise you, it will make an everlasting impression on your kid!


  1. That's awesome! And I'm totally going to do it!

  2. So, I tried to do this. Yesterday when we went to the store we got all the fixins (hot fudge, it HAS to be hot fudge). I *thought* DH and I had agreed on it, but he chickened out today. :( Dessert, no problemo, but for dinner...no go. Sad, huh?


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