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Sunday, April 18, 2010


Katie went on a shooting spree with my Rebel a few weeks ago. We have a few rose bushes in our backyard, of which I'm really surprised they're still alive. As much as I love flowers, I just don't know anything about them. Sadly, I have really no desire in learning as well.
I hope to change that this year.

These are the pictures Katie took.

Pretty, huh?

and then these...
these came from the store.
Mike bought me these for our anniversary last month.
I took these pictures b/c Katie hasn't grasped that the middle button needs to be positioned appropriately before you can snap the picture, therefore we have about 100 pictures of my red roses that are all blurry.

I will say roses are beautiful, but they're not my favorite.
I'd prefer daisies or tulips. Now THOSE are my favorites.

Daisies are what Mike bought me and planted a few weeks ago when he planted tomato, about 10 jalapeno plants and a few pepper plants. Too bad he didn't plant onion & an avocado tree b/c we could've had guacamole every day!


  1. Oh my gosh, those rose are so gorgeous!

  2. I prefer tulips to roses too. Very nice pics.


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