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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The birthday girls day ....

Katie had a GREAT birthday yesterday!!  On Monday night, I took her to Ulta for a haircut... for her birthday she wanted bangs.  So, we went with a picture of Hillary Duff & her amazing hair style, and had some beautiful long layers added, and BANGS!!  She is still getting used to her bangs, but so far everyone at school LOVED her bangs... and now some of them want the same style.  She was on cloud nine.  She said everyone at school wished her happy birthday.

We had steak, mashed potatoes & green beans for dinner (her request).  I added Martinelli sparkling cider to the table, her dad added in Coca-Cola to the table.... so we had both.

We had several visitors that night, and that completely put her over the top in happiness.  Her former Young Woman's leader dropped by with a little gift ... and her current YW leaders & best friend Madison dropped by w/ a balloon & a little gift.  They stayed and had cake & ice cream with us. 



Then right before bed, another dear friend dropped by with her mom's (and hers!) famous cupcake that all ladies in our church get on their birthday. These cakes are to DIE for.  You can see the bigger version of the cake that I get on my birthday at the bottom.  I seriously love the cupcake though!



She got money from both sets of grandparents (money is what she loves!), a movie from her aunt & uncle (which we've watched several times now.. it's "She's Out of Control" w/ Tony Danza), and she has a gift coming in the mail from another aunt & uncle.  So, she's pretty happy.


  1. looks like Katie had a wonderful B-day.

  2. LUV the hair! So pretty and grown up! Plus I am glad she loves the movie, wish I could have been there to watch it with you guys:( I love that movie too.. miss you all. Give the girls a hug...


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